LycanHost Affiliate Program

    At LycanHost we believe in giving back to our community, and even to the wider community. That is why from June 1st 2020, we have launched our own Affiliate program.

    In this affiliate program, you can earn anywhere between 5 and 25% of ANY sale that is made using a link specially provisioned to you. What is more once you earn this you have three options you can take with it.

    These options are:

    • Use as credit toward your own account
    • Withdraw as a payment to your Bank Account* (or PayPal Account**)
    • Donate to a charity of your choice

    If you wish to become an affiliate of LycanHost, all you need to do is sign up with LycanHost for any of our services and email [email protected] to request affiliate status.

    Once we confirm your status, you will be provisioned with an affiliate link.

    How you use this is up to you, you can embed it in your site with the following code, or simply share the URL.

    <a href=""><img src="" alt="LycanHost Logo"/></a>

    Our Affiliate system works by placing a small text file (A “Cookie”) on the computer of the user who has clicked the link.
    This then is sent as a text string to our server if and when the user purchases a service from us. This allows us to identify the affiliate who is linked to the sale and provision them the payout accordingly.

    It should be noted that the cookie has a limited lifespan and will not remain on the users computer indefinitely, it also is sent and recieved over a secure connection and contains only numerical data in the form of a numeric ID. No other data is transferred with it.

    It should be noted that users who block cookies from our website or any sub-domain of LycanHost will not recieve the cookie.

    * Bank account payments are available to UK customers only
    ** PayPal payments are available worldwide where PayPal is accepted.