LycanHost & Adblockers

As a typical web-user, I can understand the position some users find themselves in toward adverts. Some like them, some hate them. Often they can be too intrusive or just downright annoying.

Now, this is NOT a "please turn off your adblocker" request just so we can force you to see adverts. Lycanhost, and by extension, ALL the sites hosted along with it, will NEVER show adverts, None of that GoogleAd, DoubleClick or any other rubbish. Sure, one of our site owners may choose to run an advert for one of their products, but these are ok in our books.

That said, I would kindly ask if you would consider disabling your Adblocking software on Why? Because as the nexus site for the hosting network, it provides Analytics scripts for all the sites that are hosted alongside with it (See for our entire network). Now, for full disclosure, what information do we collect about you in terms of "analytics"?. Well, we collect the following:

IP Address: This is anonymised and we only EVER see the first 2 octets of the address. (Example: 92.101.x.x)
Geo-Location: (Example: Littleton, Colorado, USA)
Browser: (Example: Google Chrome v60)
Device Type: (Example: Generic Desktop)
Device Resolution: 1920x1080
Pages Visited: (This is shown as list of page titles visited by a specific user)

All data is anonymised and is stored in line with relevant laws. We honour the "Do Not Track" setting available in most browsers as well.
Furthermore, we only keep data for a period of 14 days, before it is purged. Information such as total hits, average duration of stay and device type is kept, but everything else is deleted. We value your privacy.

We don't expect you to like this, and we accept that some of you will prefer to not disable ablock on It's cool, we understand. All our data is transmitted and stored securly over SSL/HTTPS and will never be sold.

Leaving the domain blocked won't hurt your experience on any of our hosted sites, the only thing it will do is prevent us from seeing where traffic comes from and what the most popular devices are.

That said. I thank you for taking the time to read this.

~Jayson (Owner of
Twitter: @JaysonHusky